Roman Carnival [Carnevale Romano]

by Luke Archer

Whoops, forgot to post about this. It was the carnevale romano on Saturday, and I am pretty confused by the whole thing. Despite the huge amounts of confetti and odd person dressed as the pope or a gladiator, it was much more civilised than I was expecting. Instead of raucous drinking and vomiting (I’m starting to miss Britain), it seems more an excuse to dress one’s children in ridiculous fancy dress. And these are no half-arsed fancy dress attempts; highlights included a very realistic (terrifying) clown baby, a dinosaur in a pram and a miniature princess Leia – complete with R2D2 clutch bag.

Whilst its religious beginnings are definitely well and truly out of sight, there is something rather nostalgic about Rome’s carnival. People are content just to wander around, soaking up the atmosphere – either dressed in costume, or parading a bewildered-looking child about – simply enjoying being in a crowd and having a bit of a dance.

Although, in a reassuringly carefree manner, they did suddenly decide that a dense crowd [see below] was the perfect place to release a procession of agitated horses.