Vocabolario 2

by Luke Archer

Same drill as last time, except I’m attaching common nouns to weekdays. After my food shopping debacle, no prizes for guessing where I’m focussing my next set of vocabulary. I’ve gone for the harder-to-guess ones (mainly for my own benefit):

Lunedì – una mela [an apple]

Martedì – un’arancia [an orange]

Mercoledì – un pomodoro [a tomato]

Giovedì – formaggio [cheese]

Venerdì – acciughe [anchovies]

Sabato – uova [eggs]

Dominico – una cippola [an onion]

My host is taking me to the Saturday market this weekend, where the Romans get their week’s shopping at discounted prices. I’m very fed up of being the point-and-nod consumer, so I’m determined to be a confident grocery-purchaser by then. Here’s hoping!