Getting Ruined [Ostia Antica]

by Luke Archer

Owing to the miraculous disappearance of my Blackberry battery after a night out in Trastevere (enough said), I have been without access to my photos from Ostia Antica. Now we are reunited, here is a story full of old stones, danger and very skittish lizards. By story I mean a list of pictures; I have no idea on the historical significance of any of Ostia’s treasures, so I’ll spare you all wikipedia regurgitation. I scoffed when I was offered a tour guide… it’s pretty obvious who’s laughing now.

Just half-an-hour outside of Rome lies the sprawling remains of an ancient city; once upon a time functioning as a protective harbour city to protect the Romans from invasion by river. That’s the limit of my knowledge.

Here is a photo tour of my first taste of joining the bum-bag wielding, visor-wearing, ranks of ruin enthusiasts.

When I had enough ruins for one day, I started playing hunt the lizard. See if you can see him in this picture:

I feel I have done a bit of a disservice to Ostia Antica with this half-arsed post. But it’s impossible to get the sheer scale of the ruins in either words or pictures. Do all go if you get the chance. It’s the best place to play hide-and-seek ever. Probably would be even better if you played with someone else.